Your weekly dose of #PRfail

Your weekly dose of PR failThese days it’s impossible to be a successful public relations professional without knowing your way around social media. To give you a leg-up on your competition we bring you a dose of this week’s most infamous social media do-nots. Here are your top five:

#5 – Robert Zimmerman Jr.

The offence: Less than two months after George Zimmerman was aquitted of murder, Robert Jr. takes it upon himself to become the spokesperson for his brother’s impending divorce.

Robert Zimmerman Jr Tweet.

#4 – Mayor Pedro Segarra of Hartford, CT

The offence: Mr. Segarra has a few choice words for Dave Chappelle, failing to heed his own advice.

Mayor of Hartford tweet.

#3 – Jim McGrath, spokesperson for George H. W. Bush

The offence: McGrath apologizes for blasting an email statement of condolence for Nelson Mandela’s non-passing on behalf of the former president. The apology? Good. Scanning a headline and calling yourself informed? Bad.

Jim McGrath Tweet.

#2 – British Airways

The offence: The company gets caught sleeping on the job when a disgrustled customer buys promoted Tweets to publicize his issues.

Twitter exchange between British Airlines and a disgruntled customer.

#1 – Kenneth Cole

The offence: After getting some serious flack for his 2011 callous comments about the conflict in Egypt, Kenneth Cole is at it again – this time with Syria.

A Tweet by Kenneth Cole.

Bonus #PRfail – Nokia

The offence: Nokia sparks a potential Twitter battle after Google unveils the name of its new Android operating system: KitKat.

Nokia Tweet.

Did we miss YOUR favourite #PRfail of the week? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. […] via PRNewser) addressing what was arguably last week’s top self-inflicted PR controversy (and our #PRfail of the Week), saying his words were meant to “create dialogue about important issues.” Read: “I was […]

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