Wednesday Musings: Man wakes up from surgery video vs. ethics

Video of man waking up from surgery: is it a hoax?

The latest viral video to take over the Internet depicts a groggy man (video via YouTube) coming out of surgery and marveling at the beauty of his camera-toting wife – who he doesn’t remember marrying six years ago. At first glance, the video is likely to warm the hearts of even the most coal-hearted man.

At second glance, it is likely to set ablaze the torches of the Internet Hoax Police.

Rumours circulating around the web are calling the much-watched video a hoax, and even have medical professionals backing up the claim. Though a hoax is still unconfirmed, who could blame the suspicions? Jimmy Kimmel recently revealed that the popular “Twerking Fail” video was a hoax of his design.

Normally, the natural response is to shrug your shoulders. These are just average people having fun with a camera.

But what happens if it’s not an average-Joe’s video? If it’s a major corporation’s PR team stages a scene to gain Internet popularity? If the video is essentially a “little white lie,” does it even matter?

Even if a staged video doesn’t hurt anyone, is it ethical? Sound off in the comments.

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