The top PR trends of 2013

PR trends of 2013

One year seems like a drop in the bucket of life, but in the fast-paced, quick-changing world of PR, the time between 2012 and 2013 is a lifetime.

As a PR pro, a huge part of our jobs is to keep on top of the latest trends and changes. Now, over half-way through 2013, let’s take a look at the top trends that have taken the PR world by storm.

1. New SEO strategies

Lots has been written and said on this topic over the past few months, but it’s such a significant change that it deserves all the attention it’s gotten. The new Google SEO algorithm forces PR pros to put more thought into their online content; anything from how you word your in-text links, what you name your photos and how you craft your headlines.

Previously, the more you saturated your articles with key terms, the higher they were likely to appear in search engine rankings. Now it’s quality over quantity, and the more strategic, informative and popular items will reap more SEO dividends.

2. Visual story-telling: videos

YouTube and the like have meant that businesses are no strangers to using videos to tell their stories. But new and popular applications such as Vine, and video capabilities being added to the trendy Instagram, have made visual PR top of mind.

The trend forces you to think out of the box and consider several factors such as the spokespeople, messages and visuals that will flourish on camera. You need to capture the attention of your audience and form a narrative with the potential to go viral among your key demographics.

Sincerity is crucial; you’re on camera, there’s nowhere to hide.

3. Visual story-telling: pictures

Who doesn’t like a good infographic? It’s the perfect visual element to tell your story incorporating colour, conversational wording, hard data and images. It’s straightforward and easy to scan – key for soaking up information on-the-go. And let’s face it: they liven up a page like nothing else.

4. Mobile PR

You’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t surf the web from the palm of their hand. PR practitioners have thus been forced to look into mobile alternatives for their online presence, if they hadn’t already. Sites that are tailored for mobile viewing are important, but content tailored to mobile devices are most of all important.

Key take-away: brevity rules.

What’s YOUR favourite PR trend of 2013?

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