Your weekly dose of #PRfail

Your weekly dose of PR failThese days it’s impossible to be a successful public relations professional without knowing your way around social media. To give you a leg-up on your competition we bring you a dose of this week’s most infamous social media do-nots. Here are your top five:

Pax Dickinson, former Business Insider CTO

The offence: The company hit the spotlight this week after their Chief Technology Officer released a string of offensive tweets via his personal account. He was forced to resign soon thereafter.

Pax Dickson tweet


The offence: Expressing condolences over 9/11? Good. Using it to promote your product? Bad.

Tweet from AT&T

The Los Angeles Lakers

Th offence: The anniversary of the tragedies of 9/11 got the sports world tweeting. Getting your fans to turn on you is a hard thing to do, and this is just one of the teams that did it.

LA Lakers tweet

Boston Logan Airport

The offence: The airport chose 9/11 to hold a training session on its airfield that involved a smoke/fire drill. The very definition of being oblivious.

Boston Logan Airport tweet

Marriott Hotels

The offence: While they may have meant well with their “generous” offer, their followers simply didn’t think so.

Marriott Hotel tweet

Moral of the week: When expressing condolences over a tragedy, don’t make it about yourself.

Did we miss YOUR favourite #PRfail of the week? Sound off in the comments!

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