About PR+Ruse

We take you on a journey in really understanding what makes or breaks a PR pro. We dissect top industry news, stellar and not-so-stellar PR campaigns and fresh trends taking hold of the PR world. PR+Ruse is dedicated to enriching the professional development of young and established PR pros alike by deciphering the ruse behind the PR trends du jour.

This blog was the answer to keep ourselves ahead of the PR curve by penning case studies, hashing out wayward musings and unleashing our brutally honest opinions in the form of “Your Weekly Dose of #PRfail.”

Then we thought: heck, why don’t we take others along for the ride?

Fair warning! PR+Ruse is run by young PR pros trying to piece together the knowledge that will turn us into fully fledged PR tycoons in the (near!) future. Fellow green PR pros:  hone your skills and broaden your knowledge by hanging with us. Established PR pros: sometimes, all it takes to bring that campaign to the next level is getting back to the basics.

We PR folk are a sly bunch,  weaving together intricate webs of so-called ruses to our own ends. Now let’s decipher them.


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