A Tweet by Kenneth Cole.

It’s a tale as old as time: prominent figure uses social media to reference controversial topic in promotion of his own product, subsequently creating a controversial storm of his own. Sometimes this tale ends with a careful apology from said figure. Other times, said figure admits he did it on purpose. Kenneth Cole issued a […]

Your weekly dose of PR fail

These days it’s impossible to be a successful public relations professional without knowing your way around social media. To give you a leg-up on your competition we bring you a dose of this week’s most infamous social media do-nots. Here are your top five: #5 – Robert Zimmerman Jr. The offence: Less than two months […]

A recent and enlightening Twitter exchange between British Airways and a disgruntled customer begs the question: To check or not to check? British Airways passenger Hasan Syed took his customer service issues to a whole new level this week by purchasing promoted Tweets totaling nearly $1,000 to express his frustrations over lost luggage during the course […]

Landing your first “real” PR job following an internship is an exhilarating change of pace, to say the least. The added responsibility, people coming to you as an expert in the field – not to mention the added perk of financial compensation. While it’s rare to see someone break into the PR field without at […]